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Silicone resin series Product description
Use :
1. According to the construction process, can be specified by adding diluent conditioning solid content and Viscosity. to control the thickness of the coating is usually adjusted for spraying Viscosity 15-25 seconds; not diluent water, sulfur and other impurities. The coating adhesive force will be affected, stem and other properties.
2. And should refrain from using acid, alkali, nitrate and organic amines material contact, otherwise it would speed up the plastic, product performance.
3. At work, according to the resin NO. And the use of different requirements that dying, dying-to high temperature, General should be at a lower temperature (120 or 160 ° C) Solvent dying so volatile. Finally curing at 220 ℃.
4. And heat-resistant resin paint (aluminum, glass bead, low-density ceramic powder. Black chromium oxide and iron oxide powder, etc.) has an excellent compatibility, preparation of the coating dipping, spraying, Brush and other construction methods, curing the coating can be used in 250-400 ℃. Some may be resistant 500-600 ° C, even higher temperatures.
5. Application examples of reference : (1) fire-resistant insulation coating formula :
silicone resin

Higher chlorinated polyethylene

epoxy resinF-644

Polyamide resin











All materials will be transferred into a paste, then sanding, grinding, 20-30minutes after the Solvent dispersed, filters that have finished.
(2) fire-resistant aluminum section formula :
60%的Methylphenyl silicone resin

65%Aluminum Paste







Pulp placed first aluminum containers, plus a small amount of resin, slowly stirring uniform disperser and the remaining resin, After thorough mixing added lnly to construction Viscosity. Head silky traps that have finished with 120. Safety Note : 1. Solvent harmful containing flammable resin, in the use and processing, The operation should take heed of ventilation to prevent fires, strengthen personnel protection. 2. Transport and storage products in the process, preventing sunlight, fire heat, ventilation attention to the Treasury. 3. Galvanized metal barrels product packaging, storage usually for six months, exceeding the storage period that passed our test can still be used. Avoid the heat, otherwise it will lower storage stability
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