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Use :
Epoxy resin is a thermoplastic semi-finished product. curing agent it necessary to join the cross-linking reaction to the finished structure can become disfigured. So when used according to different uses and requirements of different Varieties. NO different. and the appropriate resin curing agent. 1. Have Bisphenol A epoxy resin type, Phenolic harmful type epoxy resin, cycloaliphatic type, modified epoxy many Varieties. For Solventcoating without preparation, self-leveling coating, the mold material. varnish, adhesive, laminating materials, usually use medium or low molecular weight. NO. To E-42, E-44, E-52, butyrolactone liquid Bisphenol A type; Manufacturing electrophoresiscoating. anti-corrosive paint, powdercoating. Indian pottery and metal paint, the use of high molecular weight gotten. A novel solid Bisphenol A type; resistantcoating for heat, adhesive. The expected re-mold paint chose Phenolic al anti-corrosive dehyde type epoxy resin. 2. Epoxy resin crosslinking reaction can participate in a wide variety of curing agent. and they are aliphatic amine adduct, aromatic amines, Polyamide, anhydride category, the web-type, They largely determine or influence the properties, therefore, preparation of the epoxy coating curing agent options as points. 3. High molecular weight alcohols or ketones to the resin as Solvent. Medium molecular weight of the resin can be used for a mixture of alcohol and arene Solvent, low molecular weight which can be dissolved in arene. To enhance the general solution, and more arene Mixed Solvent alcohol. Formula use reference :
Cases 1, 618 (E-51) : It epoxy resin100 25 T-31 curing agent. Under room temperature gel mixed after ~ 24 hours curing. Fill jar with suitable perfusion can be closed.
Case 2 : 6101 (E-44) epoxy resin filler 46-50 30-35 Solve nt of these additives 0.5
                 B 20 3 pm : G. Solvent 650 10 25 1 Solvent
Cases 3, 4644 (F-44) : It epoxy resin100 T-31 curing agent 28~33 copies, then Solvent, pigments and fillers and additives. be room temperature curing.
Safety Note : 1. Organic Solvent liquid epoxy resin, storage, transport and use of the process to be away from fire. prevent static, attention to ventilation and avoid sunlight. 2. Epoxy resin and vulcanizing agent on a variety of organic Solvent healthy and have a certain impact, and should therefore be advised to select a low-toxic materials, operation and use of protective equipment to prevent gas distribution contact with the skin. 3. When the skin can spend resin adhesion Solvent-butyl acetate scrub soiled absorbent cotton After washing with soapy water, wash water reuse; curing agent has been in operation skin contamination with tap water and then wash with neutral detergent soap.
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