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Fire-resistant silicone resin
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Phenolic aldehyde type epoxy resin
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  Alkyd resin series
General-purpose Alkyd Resin
Featured Alkyd Resin
Alkyd resin series description
Use :
1. Alkyd resin film that can be used in air dying all varnish, Paint and coating. As the dying very slow speed, organic acid salts are added as driers, dying accelerated pace. Drier is the choice of organic acids (such as naphthenic acid, 2 - ethyl hexanoic acid), cobalt, manganese, lead, zinc salt 0.02~0.2% amount for general and the need for 0.5% or more.
2. Alkyd resin with amino resin can be used with baking paint, and the ratio is nearly 5:1~2 : 1, baking heat (usually 120 ° C and 0.5 to 2 hr. ), it crosslinking curing.
3. Alkyd resin can also be mixed with the thermoplastic resin from the use of, such as cellulose nitrate paint perchlorethylene paint chlorinated rubber to improve their coating in the sunlight, fullness, Weather adhesive force and so on. Safety Note : 1. Combustible products, storage and use to keep cool, ventilation, away from fire and heat, Keep container tightly closed. 2. Avoid the use of the eyes and skin contact, such as accidental contact, using plenty of water washing.
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